Revisr v1.9.3 Released

Revisr 1.9.3 is out now and contains several improvements. Most of the database functionality has been refactored, and you can now backup the database using native WordPress functions as an alternative to MySQL. This can be configured on a per-environment basis, for example you could use WordPress backups and imports on a local site and MySQL backups on a staging or production server.

Through testing I’ve noticed that the WordPress method tends to be 1.5 – 2 times slower than standard MySQL (which the fastest solution to my knowledge), so depending on the size of your site and what tables you’re tracking that may or may not be noticeable. Most sites should be fine with WordPress, but sites with very large databases (in the hundreds of MB and above) will likely want to stick with MySQL, or are likely already employing a table-specific deployment scenario to limit the amount of data being transferred.

There are some other nice improvements and bugfixes in the release, so check it out!

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