Author: matt

Revisr 2.0 Released

Revisr 2.0 was released today, and contains a ton of under-the-hood improvements. Over 150 commits went towards this release. While this release was focused on refinement, there were a few major changes that I’d like to review in detail. No More Database Commits and options are no longer stored in the database. Before 2.0, every […]

Revisr v1.9.3 Released

Revisr 1.9.3 is out now and contains several improvements. Most of the database functionality has been refactored, and you can now backup the database using native WordPress functions as an alternative to MySQL. This can be configured on a per-environment basis, for example you could use WordPress backups and imports on a local site and […]

Our New Blog

Change logs are boring. We’ve rolled out a new blog so that we can better keep you updated on Revisr and discuss new features. Check back soon for more info!