Why Use Revisr?

With the dozens, if not hundreds of backup and migration plugins available in the WordPress plugin ecosystem, it’s definitely worth mentioning what makes Revisr stand out.

  • It’s faster – Git is lightning quick when pushing or pulling files, because it’s only working on files that have been changed.
  • It’s easier – You can see exactly what changed and when, and even revert back if necessary. Forget about using command line or an FTP client to deploy WordPress sites. Revisr puts all the necessary tools right where you need them.
  • It can be made more secure – With optional SSH authentication and off-site backups with the provider of your choice, it’s hard to go back to the potentially unsafe practice of storing .zip files on the server or using FTP.
  • You’re in control of your data – You always decide what happens to your data and where it goes. Revisr works with Bitbucket, GitHub, and even most custom setups because it runs almost completely through Git.
Last updated on January 13, 2017