Revisr as a Staging Solution

Revisr can be used to push changes from one server to another.

The exact process for this will vary from site to site, as it depends on the exact deployment scenario. A common use-case is as follows:

  • You have a local development server (such as MAMP or WAMP), and you want to push to a public-facing staging site, for example
  • You work on the local environment, push up to the staging site, where the changes are reviewed and pushed live once approved/tested

One way to achieve this scenario is as follows:

  • On your production website, install Revisr and backup the database, then push to Bitbucket or GitHub.
  • Download the files from bitbucket/github and use them to install the website on your local machine on a fresh database
  • Activate and configure Revisr if necessary, and set to import the database when pulling changes
  • On the local machine, set the “Development URL” to the production Site URL, and backup the database once more on production and push to Bitbucket or Github
  • On your local machine, pull the changes in to have a fresh copy of the live database

Then, you can develop as necessary, and push the changes back up when ready. If you need to import DB changes on production, you can configure individual tables to track (only tracked tables will be imported). This allows you to update things like the WordPress settings on development without affecting things like live comments that may have been added since your last DB import.

Note: A simple method for getting Revisr setup and working on multiple environments is to simply transfer the WordPress files and database manually (including the “.git” folder) via FTP or other method for the first time, then using Revisr for pushes/pulls after the initial sync.

Last updated on January 13, 2017