I can commit files locally, but get an error when pushing

This is likely an authentication issue. Check your settings and verify that Revisr is able to connect to the remote server.

If you’re using SSH for Bitbucket or GitHub, you’ll just need to make sure that the public key for the server has been installed on Bitbucket/GitHub.

If you’re using HTTPS, make sure that your Bitbucket/GitHub password is in the “Remote URL” setting as follows:

Helpful Tips:

  • Some providers (such as Bitbucket) include the words “git clone ” at the beginning of the Remote URL. This part should NOT be copied into the “Remote URL” field, just the actual URL.
  • If you’re sure you have the Remote URL correct and are still getting an error while pushing, and you haven’t pushed to this repository before, you can try doing a manual push first to make sure that the remote repo is added to your server’s “known_hosts” file.
  • SSH keys should be generated without a passphase – it’s not needed and can prevent Revisr from being able to push/pull
Last updated on January 13, 2017